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The public welfare of harmless treatment equipment

時間:2016-01-11 15:14 作者:瑞青機械

国产av在在免费线观看The public welfare of harmless treatment equipment:

国产av在在免费线观看From the environmental point of view, harmless treatment with the public nature, must be multi efforts, organizational guarantee and personnel security, financial security and policy guarantee, from breeding, production and processing to the joint efforts of the regulation, consumer and so on each link to achieve environmental protection purpose.

Whether it is the group of the population that is raised or scale, it should be improved from the level of their own quality and culture. The government can free skills training, to improve farmers, reduce the risk of animal death, appointed a veterinarian for tracking service, promote healthy breeding and disease prevention knowledge, to raise awareness of farmers scientific prevention and safe use of drugs and active prevention and control, from the source to reduce the dynamic physical morbidity and mortality. Strengthen the establishment of the system of supervision and accountability, you can clearly the main responsibility for the production of farmers, a clear responsibility for the safety supervision of government departments.