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Harmless treatment of the three methods

時間:2016-01-11 15:15 作者:瑞青機械

1, landfill treatment

Landfill is one of the effective methods to a large number of disposing of urban living garbage, but also all the garbage treatment process residues of final disposal method, at present, our country commonly used direct landfill method. The so-called direct landfill method is to fill the landfill has been prepared to cover the hole compaction, so that the occurrence of biological, physical, chemical changes, decomposition of organic matter, to achieve the purpose of reducing and harmless.

Landfill treatment is one of the most common waste disposal methods, its biggest feature is the low cost, simple method, but it is easy to cause the two pollution of groundwater resources. With the increase of the amount of municipal waste, close to the city's suitable for less and less landfill sites, open up a long distance landfill and greatly improve the cost of garbage disposal, such a high cost and can not afford.

国产av在在免费线观看2, incineration treatment

Incineration method is to put the garbage in a high temperature furnace, so that the full oxidation of combustible ingredients a way to generate heat for power generation and heating.

The advantage of incineration treatment is that the reduction effect is good (the residue after burning is reduced by more than 90%, the weight is reduced by more than 80%), and the treatment is complete. However, according to the United States reported that the construction of incineration plant and production costs are very expensive. In most cases, the value of electricity generated by these equipment is far below the expected sales to the local government to leave a huge economic loss. Because the waste contains some metals, incineration has a high toxicity, resulting in two environmental hazards. Incineration processing requirements of garbage calorific value is greater than 3.35MJ/kg, otherwise, must add combustion supporting agent, which will enable operating costs increased to cities generally unbearable proportions.

3, compost treatment

Piles of garbage accumulation, heat preservation to 70 degrees Celsius storage, fermentation, with the capacity of microbial decomposition of garbage, organic matter is decomposed into inorganic nutrients. After composting treatment, garbage into a sanitary, tasteless humus. The way to not only solve the garbage, but also to achieve the purpose of resource of, but the amount of municipal solid waste compost, nutrient content low long-term use is easy to cause soil compaction and subsurface water quality becomes bad, so scale composting is not easy to is too big.

国产av在在免费线观看No matter the municipal solid waste landfill, incineration or composting treatment, must have the pretreatment.